We hand-manufacture trendy, minimalist bikes, with colors of life, on individual order.

You can find top-class pieces in our shop that our assembled with great care and the end-result is a stylish vintage bike fit to you.

Our history

3 bikers started this in 2010. We were trying to find the perfect gift bike for a girl. We tried and tried .. and as we could not find a stylish still solid bike, we deiced we would build one ourselves.

We adventured the bike production process, starting from careful selection pf parts, through getting the best equipment, to most advanced polishing. Finally the first Csajrbringa was born which was a great success.

The word of mouth like fire spread and suddenly we found ourselves working on individual bikes for all of our girlfriends.

This was more than 7 years ago and we are more than ever enthusiastic to help you get your personal bike which we will prepare for you – and start a journey now together with you.




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The easiest way to order your affordable and personalized Csajbringa is to take a tour in our online planner, where you can design your own bike, with extras and even add-ons.

If you have your dream bike put together, fell free to call us anytime and we will answer your questions so that have no doubts you are at the best place.


We work on order and usually have no ready bikes on stock. Contact us still in any case and we will let you know if there is something that you can grab immediately


We do full upgrade of your bike, based on individual agreements. Would you want to use this service, please send an email to hello@csajbringa.hu with a picture of the bike and some words about your thoughts on what treatment you would like for your beloved.

Our team will come back to you with a proposed price and further details.

gift card

Relax. You are not the only one who would love to gift a bike but to not want to take away the beautiful journey of designing from your friend. Please drop us an email and we will send you a gift card that can be the representative of your love.


A fotógalériában látható képek illusztrációk.

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+36 70 931 7272